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Leadership Positions

Majority Co-Whip

I was elected by our Democratic caucus members to serve as Majority Co-Whip in November 2020.  As Majority Co-Whip I work with our leadership team determining where our members stand on the issues before the body.  Caucuses constitutionally cannot bind their members to a vote (Article V, Section 22a), but they can poll their members to determine where the individual members stand. As Co-Whips we are also charged with accounting for the location of our respective members when voting on a bill before the House is imminent. Any member who needs to be excused should stay in contact with the Co-Whip and the Co-Whip informs the leadership team of any absences.


Business Affairs & Labor

The House Committee on Business Affairs & Labor considers matters concerning the regulation of professions and occupations, property and casualty insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance, workers' compensation insurance, economic development, banks and financial institutions, real estate, labor, and technology. In addition, the committee has legislative oversight responsibility for the Department of Labor and Employment, the Department of Personnel and Administration, the Department of Regulatory Agencies, and the Office of Economic Development and International Trade.


The House Appropriations Committee conducts hearings on bills that change expenditures or revenues and affect the budget. The Committee typically reserves discussion for the fiscal impact of the bills. Many of the bills considered by the Committee have had hearings in other committees before being referred to Appropriations and for those bills that have previously had a hearing the Committee does not customarily take public testimony. 

Democratic Women's Caucus (co-chair)

The Democratic Women's Caucus is made up of women from the democratic caucuses in both the House and Senate. They envision a healthy planet that can support all life, and a just and equitable world in which women, children and families, regardless of race, ethnicity, or social status, are nurtured and empowered to reach their fullest potential. They also work to dismantle gender-based power dynamics at the Capitol, and promote relationships and collaboration between women in the House and Senate.

CLAW Caucus (co-chair)

The Colorado Legislative Animal Welfare (CLAW) Caucus serves to educate and improve communication among legislators and the public. The goal is to get people who are interested in animal issues, both inside and outside of government, to work together.

Children’s Caucus (co-chair)

The Colorado Children’s Caucus began in 2012 to provide a forum for all members of the Colorado General Assembly to discuss the challenges facing Colorado youth and to work together to develop policy recommendations to strengthen families and improve the lives of children. The Children’s Caucus intends to make children a nonpartisan priority by discussing issues impacting every child in the state of Colorado in the hopes of strengthening families and supporting healthy communities.

Colorado Democratic Latino Caucus

The Colorado Democratic Latino Caucus is a group of 13 Latino legislators from across Colorado who proudly and passionately serve in the Colorado General Assembly. 

Their mission is to improve the effectiveness of Latino legislators to positively impact public policy and the quality of life for all segments of the Latino community; to inform and educate legislators, other government officials and the public on topics and issues in all areas not limited to education, criminal justice, immigration, healthcare, housing, economic development, social justice, public safety, and voting rights; and, to advocate for the appointment of Latinos at all levels and branches of government.

Tri-Chair of the Colorado Vaccine Equity Taskforce

The Colorado Vaccine Equity Taskforcemakes sure that everyone is able to have the facts in front of them when deciding whether to get the vaccine for themselves and their families. It provides a way to make lawmakers accountable for ensuring that there is no vaccine discrimination. 

Appointed to:


Colorado Workforce Development Council

Colorado Workforce Development Council is a Governor-appointed public and private partnership to oversee, integrate, and advise the Colorado network of talent. This Council meets year-round. 

Cancer, Cardiovascular, and Pulmonary Disease Grant Program Review Committee (CCPD Review Committee for short)

This committee oversees planning and funding for CCPD chronic diseases grant funding.

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