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Leadership Positions

House Majority Leader

I was elected by our Democratic caucus members to serve as House Majority Leader in November 2022. As House Majority Leader, I manage the calendar and the caucus. I also am charged with tracking scheduling bills, Resolutions, Memorials, and tributes on the floor.


Executive Committee of the Legislative Council

Executive Committee is charged with matters of the legislative service agencies, introducing the annual legislative appropriations budget, legislative oversight, etc.. To find out more click here:

Legislative Council

Legislative Council is responsible for the oversight associated with Legislative Council Staff. It works to provide budget for legislative council staff, approving interim committee requests, etc.. To find out more click here:

CLAW Caucus (co-chair)

The Colorado Legislative Animal Welfare (CLAW) Caucus serves to educate and improve communication among legislators and the public. The goal is to get people who are interested in animal issues, both inside and outside of government, to work together.

Children’s Caucus (co-chair)

The Colorado Children’s Caucus began in 2012 to provide a forum for all members of the Colorado General Assembly to discuss the challenges facing Colorado youth and to work together to develop policy recommendations to strengthen families and improve the lives of children. The Children’s Caucus intends to make children a nonpartisan priority by discussing issues impacting every child in the state of Colorado in the hopes of strengthening families and supporting healthy communities.

Democratic Women's Caucus

The Democratic Women's Caucus is made up of women from the democratic caucuses in both the House and Senate. They envision a healthy planet that can support all life, and a just and equitable world in which women, children and families, regardless of race, ethnicity, or social status, are nurtured and empowered to reach their fullest potential. They also work to dismantle gender-based power dynamics at the Capitol, and promote relationships and collaboration between women in the House and Senate.

Colorado Democratic Latino Caucus

The Colorado Democratic Latino Caucus is a group of 13 Latino legislators from across Colorado who proudly and passionately serve in the Colorado General Assembly. 

Their mission is to improve the effectiveness of Latino legislators to positively impact public policy and the quality of life for all segments of the Latino community; to inform and educate legislators, other government officials and the public on topics and issues in all areas not limited to education, criminal justice, immigration, healthcare, housing, economic development, social justice, public safety, and voting rights; and, to advocate for the appointment of Latinos at all levels and branches of government.

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