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“Here’s where I stand…

"I found hope during tough times. I know how to help others find theirs."
- Monica Duran

1. Championing Our Teachers, Kids & Public Schools


Standing up for our Public Schools: Protecting Jeffco's neighborhood public schools is one of Monica's top priorities. Her kids grew up going to Jeffco public schools. Those schools created opportunities for her sons. She will fight the privatizing our education system, and she will fight for better teacher pay.


Expanding Union Apprenticeship & Vocational Technical Training Programs:

Our schools need better support to prepare kids for the 21st century economy. For a lot of kids, college is the right path. But kids who aren't going to college deserve the same support and attention. Monica will expand vocational and technical training programs so that every student is on the right path to a good-paying job. 

2. Expanding Access to Health Care, Protecting Reproductive Freedom

Fighting Rising Health Care Premiums: I am a strong supporter of Medicare for all. Those who are uninsured have at-least one family member working but can't afford the premiums when choosing the basic necessities for survival. Preventative care is so important early on. And we know people of color are at higher risk of chronic conditions.


Protecting Women's Rights: Monica is endorsed by pro-choice organizations because she will be a champion for the rights of women. We need leaders who are willing to stand up and fight Republican efforts to restrict abortion and outlaw emergency contraception. 

3. Gun Violence Prevention 

Colorado has passed legislation to provide funding to improve school safety, including physical security, and we worked to increase access to behavioral health for students. In fact, the legislature passed a $450 million behavioral health package, with specific pieces focused on youth and families.

More needs to happen to prevent tragedies like this, but what we need the most to save lives is federal action to prevent firearms from getting into the hands of people that shouldn't have them. Research shows that access to a firearm triples the risk of suicide and doubles the risk of a homicide occurring. Increasing the number of guns in schools is not the answer to school safety.

As a responsible gun owner and legislator, I have sponsored laws to help keep firearms out of the hands of people convicted of domestic violence and to encourage the safe storage of firearms.

I have and will continue to fight for gun reform and push to make sure that no more innocent lives are taken due to senseless and preventable violence. I stand with the survivors of all mass shootings and their families.


This year, Colorado Democrats passed data-driven bills to reduce gun violence. House Bill 1219 creates a three-day waiting period after purchasing a gun to take possession of the weapons. Senate Bill 168 makes it easier to sue the gun industry in Colorado by rolling back extra protections against civil litigation for firearm and ammunition manufacturers and sellers. Senate Bill 169 raised the age to purchase a firearm in Colorado to 21 years-of-age. I was proud to be a prime sponsor of SB23-169.


Senate Bill 170 expanded the state’s red flag order by adding health care providers, mental health providers, district attorneys and teachers to the list of people who can petition a judge to order a firearm seizure. Finally, Senate Bill 279 would make it illegal to manufacture, possess and/or sell ghost guns.


4. An Economy That Works for Everyone

Monica is running to build a Colorado that works for everyone. Colorado's economy is growing - but so many are being left behind. Whether it's seniors trying to afford their property taxes, or single moms struggling to put food on the table, Monica knows firsthand what it means to struggle against the odds.

She beat the odds as a single mom who escaped domestic violence, battled homelessness to keep her son safe. She is one of the lucky ones.


5. Helping Seniors Live Securely and Independently

With common sense policies, we can help Colorado seniors live securely and independently in their own homes longer. We need to protect the social safety net from D.C. Republicans, invest in preventive care programs that reduce the number of expensive hospital visits, and protect seniors from exploitation that is all too common.

6. Fighting for Abuse Survivors


You never feel more alone then when you are alone with an abuser. Monica knows that firsthand. Holding abusers accountable and getting justice for victims is critical. But she is going to do more, by leading the way in the legislature to create pathways for victims to escape abusive relationships and providing the tools needed to become financially independent.

7. Preserving Colorado’s Environment

Our state is already battling the effects of climate change. Air quality in the metro region is going to have an increasing impact on our local quality of life here in Jeffco. Protecting our environment is not only crucial to our future, it creates great opportunity for working families. There are more energy jobs being created in the renewable sector than in fossil fuels. Diversifying our economy, creating clean primary jobs and protecting Colorado’s natural beauty all go hand-in-hand.


8. Animal Care


When I was 10 years old, I was fortunate enough to watch my best friend's dog give birth to a litter of puppies. What would have been an ordinary day ended up being life changing. Seeing the puppies and how their mother took care of them was an impactful moment. And it was when I became an animal lover and advocate.


As impactful as that wonderful moment was, I have also witnessed the other side. I've seen and learned about horrible living conditions in puppy mills, and other horrific abuses of defenseless dogs. Because of these experiences, I have been committed to making sure I pass legislation that protects all animals. I am committed to educating our communities on the need to do better in the humane treatment of animals and protecting their quality of health and life.


I will continue my work on the importance of stopping puppy mills, because the bottom line can't simply be about PROFITS!

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