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2023 Legislative Session Wrap Up

This session was like no other. Not only did I work to pass key legislation for my district but I also led our caucus as House Majority Leader. As House Majority Leader, my main goal was to advocate for the entire democratic caucus and make sure everyone's voices were heard. I worked diligently to manage the calendar and ensure that good bills did not die on the calendar. After working many weekends, shedding some tears, sharing some laughs, I am proud to say that we passed over 500 bills that address many of the issues that our constituents care the most about. Whether it is housing, affordability, the environment, reproductive rights, or gun violence prevention, we worked tirelessly to pass legislation that helps Colorado.

I passed legislation to support survivors of crimes such as sexual assault and domestic violence, prevent gun violence, support working families, further address animal welfare, and more.

I am proud to have ran numerous bills that focus on making sure societies most vulnerable do not slip through the cracks, helping working families, and providing more support for survivors of crime.

HB23-1041: Prohibit Simulcasting on Greyhound Races is with my co-prime sponsors Minority Leader Lynch and Senators Ginal and Simpson. This bipartisan bill will stop Coloradans from wagering on greyhound races outside of the state, bringing the state in line with the values we expressed when we illegalized the practice in 2014.

HB23-1107: Crime Victim Service Funding, with my co-prime sponsors Assistant Minority Leader Pugliese and Senators Gardner and Winter. This bipartisan bill will fund critical services to help those who have experienced violent crimes including domestic violence and sexual assault.

HB23-1108: Victim and Survivor Training For Judicial Personnel. This bipartisan bill I am co-primed with Representative Evans and Senators Hanson and Gardner will create a taskforce to study victim and survivor awareness and responsiveness training requirements for judicial personnel to ensure that we treat survivors with the respect and compassion they deserve throughout the judicial process.

HB23-1222: Cases of Domestic Violence in Municipal Courts. This bill establishes new requirements for municipal courts for domestic violence cases to ensure that victims have the same resources no matter where their case is heard. It also creates better data sharing and tracking methods, and expands provisions in the Victim Rights' Act to municipal courts. My co-prime sponsors for this bill were Rep. Weissman and Senators Roberts and Winter.

HB23-1286: Increase Penalty Cruelty Police and Service Animals. For this bill my co-primes were Rep. Armagost and Senators Gardner and Ginal. This bipartisan bill increases the monetary penalty for cruelty and aggravated cruelty against Police Working Dogs, Police Horses, and Service Animals to better reflect the hours of training they unique animals possess.

SB23-046: Average Weekly Wage Paid Leave Benefits with Senator Winter. This bill will require the Division of Family and Medical Leave Insurance (FAMLI) to account for previous jobs when calculating paid leave to better reflect an individual’s recent employee history.

SB23-153: Sunset Revised Uniform Law On Notarial Acts concerns the continuation of the regulation of notaries by the Secretary of State. This bipartisan bill was co-primed with Assistant Minority Leader Pugliese and Senators Rodriguez and Rich.

SB23-169: Increasing Minimum Age to Purchase Firearms will raise the age to buy firearms in most cases from 18 to 21, with exceptions written in for active military members, those with hunting permits, and among others. It was co-primed with Rep. Hamrick and Senators Mullica and Danielson

SB23-261: Direct Care Workforce Stabilization Board. This bill with my co-primes Rep. Wilford and Senators Exum and Danielson will create a board to study the direct care industry and make recommendations on how we can improve conditions for all involved in this critical sector and make sure we take care of these essential workers.

SB23-275: Colorado Wild Horse Project. This bill will create the Colorado Wild Horse Project, a private-public partnership to support the management of the wild horse herds in Colorado and come up with a plan for long term solutions to ensure the health of the herds and the rangelands. It was a bipartisan bill co-primed by Minority Leader Lynch and Senators Ginal and Will.

SB23-292: Labor Requirements for Energy Sector Construction. I co-primed this bill with Rep. Bird, Senator Hansen, and Senate President Fenberg. It will create a new category of public works project and will require the projects to follow Colorado's prevailing wage and apprenticeship utilization laws. This bill will help with Colorado's transition to more sustainable energy resources while providing for the growth of a highly trained workforce to facilitate these projects.

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