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Leadership Elections

I am so grateful to be elected as the House Majority Leader. Thank you to my colleagues, friends, supporters, and all of you for trusting me to serve as your next House Majority Leader. Congratulations to Speaker of the House elect Rep. Julie McCluskie, Assistant Majority Leader elect Jennifer Bacon, our co-whips elect Rep. Iman Jodeh and Rep. Andrew Bosencecker, and our caucus chairs elect Rep. Mandy Lindsay and Rep. Briana Titone. I cannot wait to work closely will all of you to create a better Colorado for all. Thank you to Rep. Mike Weissman for your graciousness and support - it was an exciting race. I am beyond excited to be a leader in this historic session of the Colorado House. Not only do we have the most women in leadership positions ever, but we also have the most women, at 60%, ever in the state legislature. I am honored to serve in public office with our Democratic Caucus of 46 members (a supermajority) and I look forward to continuing to work towards a more prosperous and equitable Colorado for all our citizens.

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